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Set Up Guide#

Supported Games#

This extension only supports Minecraft: Java Edition. Bedrock Edition does not support SRV records, so we cannot create subdomain names for Bedrock servers. Other games or softwares are also not yet supported.

Obtain an API Key#

First, log into Cloudflare dashboard and click Create Token.

Then, click the Use template button beside Edit zone DNS.

Keep the default permission Zone.DNS:Edit and add a new permission Zone.Zone:Read.

Under Zone Resources, add Include - Specific zone - You may also choose Include - All zones, which allows your clients to create subdomain names with any domains added to your Cloudflare account.

Click Continue to summary, and then click Create Token. Copy the API token.

PteroBilling will use those selected domains to create SRV records (subdomain names) that are pointed to the nodes' FQDN. The DNS record of the FQDN must be unproxied (grey-clouded).

Edit Settings#

Log into PteroBilling admin area and go to the Cloudflare settings page. (e.g. Enter the API token you have just created. Click Save Changes and Reload Config.