Admin Area

Log into Admin Area

Go to and login with your admin account you have created during the installation. Then, click Admin Area from the dropdown at the upper right corner.

Edit Settings

In the admin area, go to the Settings page. You may skip some of them if they were already updated during the installation.

  • Company Name
  • Store URL: you must include https:// and do not add a / at the end
  • Logo Path: upload your own file to /path/to/pterobilling/public/img/yourlogo.webp first (.webp file recommended by Google)
  • Favicon Path: same instruction as Logo Path
  • Panel URL: same instruction as Store URL
  • Panel Client API Key: your Pterodactyl panel admin account API key
  • Panel Application API Key: your Pterodactyl panel application API key (give all Read & Write permissions if you are unsure)

If the settings are not applied after saving, you may either click Reload Config or run php artisan config:cache && php artisan view:cache && php artisan queue:restart.